Oakwood Resort proudly offers tours of scenic Lake Wawasee to guests on the Oakwood Tour Boat. The boat was originally custom-built by Winninghoff in Rowley, Massachusetts in 1986 for the U.S. Parks Departments for use as a canal tour boat in Maine. In July of 2013, Oakwood Resort acquired it and we’ve been using it ever since to take our guests on tours of the lake.

At the time of this post, the Oakwood Tour Boat runs from Memorial Day through September. Lake Wawasee used to be called Turkey Lake, and is the largest natural lake in Indiana that is contained entirely within the state. Located just east of Indiana State Road 13, the lake has a long history of being a favorite summer vacation area for people from all over the country. Even Al Capone vacationed there, and Eli Lilly maintained a home on the lake as well.

Thanks to several active organizations and non-profit groups, the water quality of Lake Wawasee is exceptional. The Wawasee Area Conservancy is one such group, formed in 1981. It has since earned a reputation for working hand in hand with property owner groups throughout the area, in addition to action and lake preservation groups. The quality of the water is one reason why so many businesses around the lake thrive!

The Allure of Lake Wawasee

There are several recognized bays and “islands” around the lake, including Black Stump Point, Jarrett’s Bay, Morrison Island, Johnson’s Bay, and the Main Channel. There are also several marinas and businesses around the lake, including Wawasee Boat Company, which was established back in 1929. That’s not all you’ll find in the area: There are several excellent restaurants, as well. Some of the most popular include The Channel Marker, accessible by boat, The Frog Tavern, also accessible by boat, and Oakwood Resort’s restaurants: The Pier and Back Porch.

The Oakwood Tour Boat

Next time you stay with us at Oakwood Resort, be sure to experience the famous Oakwood Boat Tours!

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