Take Your Family on a Fun-Filled Outdoor Adventure This Holiday Season

Getting together with friends and family is easily the best part of the holidays. But your time together can be fleeting as everyone goes their separate ways, so you might as well make the most of it. Everyone has holiday traditions that they love recreating year after year, but you can always try something new to spice things up. Plan an exciting day trip to spend some quality time together outside.

Taking an excursion in the middle of your holiday vacation will help you and your family create new experiences and traditions that will live on for years to come. You can explore more of the local community, try delicious new foods, and spend more time in nature. It may be chilly, but there are plenty of wonders to behold.

Going on a day trip is also a great way to get some exercise over the break. You will likely be eating more than usual thanks to your family’s delicious cooking, but all those extra calories can leave you feeling fatigued and bloated during the trip. If you have small children, getting them out of the house will help them burn off all that extra energy.

Here are the five best day trips to enjoy during your stay in Syracuse, Indiana:

Local Shopping

The Amish community is alive and well just outside of Fort Wayne. Nappanee is home to dozens of antique shops, bakeries, and shopping outlets. You will find a range of specialty gifts and homemade goods that are sure to bring you and your loved ones joy this season. They might even give your grandma’s cooking a run for its money!

Lots of us enjoy shopping over the holidays but try visiting local stores that you won’t find anywhere else in the world instead of hitting the closest mall.

Hiking Trails

Nature is just about everywhere you look in this part of Indiana. It’s home to several major parks and recreational hubs for you to enjoy. You can take a long walk or hike to give yourself some much-needed peace and quiet after a long day celebrating with your family. Head over to the Spear Lake Nature Trail or Lake Wawasee to enjoy beautiful views of the water during the off-season. Oakwood Resort is located right on the water for your convenience. Enjoy a delicious meal at The Pier & Back Porch restaurant while you’re there.

Historic Sites

History is all around us, especially in Northern Indiana. From the university of Notre Dame to the Amish communities of Nappanee and the historic bridges of Plymouth, IN, there is so much to discover. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about your community. You can explore any one of these destinations in just a few hours of less to make sure you’re home in time for dinner.

It’s never too chilly to enjoy a round of golf. Put on a few extra layers and a pair of gloves to enjoy the open green. You can always get a cart if you don’t feel like walking the entire course on foot. We’re just a short drive from several golf courses, including the Maxwelton Golf Club, Wawasee Golf Club, and the Tippecanoe Country Club.

The Big City

Looking for a taste of culture or some high-end shopping? Oakwood Resort is centrally located in between several major cities, including Chicago, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis. You can experience the rush and thrill of the big city for the afternoon without worrying about spending the night.

Switch up your normal routine and spend the holidays with Oakwood Resort.