Whether it’s with friends, coworkers, family members, or the community, a grand gathering of people who share a common thread of any type is almost assuredly guaranteed to be a good time! While it can take some time and careful planning and coordination on the coordinator’s part, the end result is a group of people who become better acquaintances, better friends, and better people all around.

There are so many fantastic reasons to attend a gathering, regardless if it’s a dinner with friends, an office party, or a family reunion – but there are even more reasons to host a gathering. Knowing that you were responsible for the happy memories made at an event is a great feeling that will stick with you for a long time, making all the work and planning well worth all your effort. Here are 14 unbeatable reasons to have a grand gathering this year:


  • You’ll share memories with those you haven’t visited in a long while.


One of the biggest reasons to host a gathering of any type is to visit with people you may not have seen in a long time or have lost touch with. In our busy day-to-day lives, it’s all too easy to let days, weeks, and months pass by without giving Grandma Jane a call or writing a letter to Uncle Doug. While letters and phone calls are better than nothing (and sometimes the best we can do with present situations), nothing beats having a get-together and actually seeing loved ones and being able to hug them.


  • Elderly friends and relatives will be reminded of just how much they are still loved.


Before you know it, years have passed, and precious opportunities to get together become fewer and farther between. We only have so much time to treasure those we love and those who are dear friends and family members, and having a grand gathering of everyone who loves Grandma Jane and Uncle Doug opens the door to sharing special moments together before it’s too late. This is especially true with elderly family members and friends; many elderly begin to wonder if they have been forgotten by their loved ones who don’t call, write, or visit. Having a gathering in a beautiful banquet space reminds them just how much they are loved and just how important they really are to everyone, which often means the world to those loved ones.


  • Garner support and a cheering section from those who are important to you.


Whether it’s a weight loss group, a group of women for a bachelorette party, a going-away party, or a get-together to kick off a new career, a gathering to show support is always one of the best reasons to organize an event. There is strength in numbers, and when people are surrounded by a support system of people who care about them, they become stronger. There are so many times in life when people just need others to build them up, to let them know they aren’t alone, and to encourage them to keep going when change is on the horizon – any of these times is reason enough to organize a gathering.


  • Celebrate Success!


These days, it can sometimes seem like success gets harder and harder to achieve, whether it’s success in overcoming an addiction or success in finishing a college degree – or anything in between. These occasions deserve recognition and celebration to let the achiever know just how proud people are of him or her. Hard work is always something to celebrate, and what better way is there than to gather a group of close friends and/or family members and co-workers together? Making an achievement and the achiever the center of attention is what gatherings are all about.


  • Make unforgettable holiday memories.


The holiday season is a time of year that is often synonymous with “family” and you want to make sure everyone in yours has the chance to get into the holiday spirit with loved ones. It’s often difficult throughout the year for everyone to get together, but during the holiday season, many people are able to make arrangements to do exactly that. Sometimes when the holidays roll around but family is scarce, it can put a damper on the season and lead to sadness, loneliness, and isolation. Having a get-together at one of the fantastic northwest Indiana banquet halls is the perfect way to combat the holiday blues and create memories of the season to last a lifetime.


  • Birthdays are a blast at northwest Indiana banquet halls!


For most people, a birthday is by right enough of a reason to celebrate – as the years pass by, a lot of people start to consider every birthday the same. Many people, in fact, after a few decades consider their birthdays to be no big deal – but this is so untrue! Throwing a party with the person’s most-loved friends, relatives, and co-workers is the best way to let that person know how glad everyone is that they are a part of their lives, each and every day. It will be a birthday to remember and may even restore the excitement of birthdays that had dulled over the years!


  • Community success hinges on communication.


Success in communities often starts and grows with gatherings of neighbors. It’s not always easy or convenient to become acquainted with people in a community, but everyone wants to live in an area that is safe, secure, friendly, and neighborly. A grand gathering of neighborhood residents all in one banquet space is a great way to discover commonalities amongst community members, including things like common safety concerns, common hobbies, common neighborhood goals, and more. Oftentimes, people have ideas and opinions on important community issues like housing, economics, local businesses, and the like – what better way to share those important ideas than together at a community gathering? Providing the place and time to do so is crucial to improving the quality of life for everyone who lives in an area, and you’re just the one to host it!


  • Big news deserves big parties!


Whether it’s a new baby on the way, a proposal, a new job, or anything else worth celebrating, an occasion such as this requires the party planner to be pulled out. Being a part of any monumental happy milestone in life is an honor, and collecting loved ones, friends, and other important people together to celebrate the big news of others is always a reason to have a gathering.


  • Kiddos benefit from sharing time, food, and fun with others.


It’s obvious that kids enjoy most get-togethers, whether it’s because of the food, the opportunity to play with other children, or both. Turning to the more scientific side of things, children benefit greatly from spending time at gatherings with others on a different level, too. Attending gatherings promotes language skills and social skills, and helps develop patience and sharing skills, too. They are exposed to a need for manners, taking turns, and how to communicate with people they may not know very well. It can improve everyone’s spirits, especially for parents, who often appreciate something “different” to occupy their children’s time for a day!


  • Enjoy a reminder of how happy people make other people.


At any party or gathering, have you ever stopped for a moment to look around the banquet space and see how happy everyone is? Laughter, smiles, good conversation, and fun are the ties that bind human beings. People who partake in gatherings and social events with others are often found to be less likely to experience symptoms of depression – especially children. Being surrounded by others who we value often makes us happy, so few things are better for lifting spirits than a gathering of all those people. It strengthens bonds between us and allows for the chance to reconnect and forget their problems for a while, which can do so much good for a person’s spirit.


  • One of the best reasons to have a gathering: Food!


There are few people who do not look forward to the food that is offered at parties and get-togethers; it’s often the centerpiece of any event, a great conversation topic, and something that everyone just totally enjoys (and needs)! Food doesn’t have to be the most expensive dishes you can think of, either – oftentimes, people prefer the simple stuff or the foods they’re used to having instead of expensive, exotic, unfamiliar dishes. Have everyone who comes to the gathering bring a dish, and you’ll not only have plenty for people there to talk about, but you’ll also have a fantastic spread with none of the work or cost.


  • Get to know people on a whole new level.


If you’ve only ever spoken to your co-workers at work, or you’ve only conversed with your team on the court, or you’ve never called a family member except to ask a question or two, you’re missing out on a whole huge side of their personality. Seeing people in a different environment, without the stress of the office or the sweat of the game is almost like meeting entirely new people altogether – almost. You have the opportunity to discover things you never knew about people you’re with, which often leads to discovering common threads. Common threads lead to friendships, support systems, and people you can trust and rely on, and few things in life are more golden than that.


  • Make planning another huge event later easier with a gathering now.


If you’re the maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding a year from now, and the bride has hundreds of friends and family members in mind for the guest list, you may find that a pre-wedding gathering now can help you plan for later tremendously. Having an event at northwest Indiana banquet halls will give you an idea for places to suggest to the bride for her wedding, too. Get to know her friends and family, ask for ideas, tips, and thoughts on everything from catering to photographers to food to bridal showers. People will often come up with fantastic tips that end up saving you time, money, and your sanity and better yet, many of them will volunteer for tasks that will make your job easier and your friend’s wedding (for example) more beautiful.


  • Network and expand your roster of people you know.


All too often these days, the workplace becomes a place of duty – and not much else. Host a get-together for the people you work with to expand your network, break the ice, welcome new team members, and reconnect with people formerly in your department who have moved on. Whether the idea is to discuss work or completely and intentionally avoid work, a gathering can work wonders for any workplace. A company retreat is a great opportunity to get to know one another socially but still reserve time to discuss the goings-on at work. New ideas and solutions often are born at retreats, conventions, and events like this.

By far, the very best reason to have a grand gathering in 2019 is to celebrate life. Celebrate each other. Celebrate friendship, family, camaraderie, and all the wonderful things in each other’s lives. Years go by quickly and before we know it, we’re no longer playing outside with our friends; we’re no longer waiting what seemed like forever for Christmas. We’re no longer hanging out with our crushes at school. We’re no longer able to visit grandma. Vacations with the parents and siblings become a thing of the past. We no longer feel like we have the world at our feet. We become tired. We become busy. We become forgetful. Having a grand gathering at northwest Indiana banquet halls with those we want to have in our lives simply to enjoy those people is the very best reason of all.