Find Your Happy Place with These Soothing Activities

Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get outside and enjoy some much-needed warmer weather. From budding forests and meadows to the open waters of Lake Wawasee, you’ll find dozens of ways to have fun and relax here in Indiana. If you’re waiting until summer to take your next vacation, learn how you can relax this spring without straying too far from home. Take a load off with these soothing spring activities.

Head to a Spa Retreat Center

There’s nothing like pampering yourself with a day at the spa. You can get in touch with your happy place with a deep tissue massage, facial, or a new set of nails. There are some truly exceptional retreat centers in Indiana, so you don’t have to go too far out of your way. Head over to Oakwood Resort on Lake Wawasee for some time away from all the hustle and bustle. You can relax in style at our charming resort on the lake while you treat yourself to our salon and spa.

Spend Some Time on the Lake

Being on the open water takes the stress out of life. You can feel the water splash across your face as the sun sets in the distance. Whether you like to tan, fish or just catch up with friends and loved ones, head over to Lake Wawasee for more fun in the sun. You can bring your boat to Oakwood Resort, rent one nearby, or sign up for one of our boat tours.

Get Back to Nature

Nothing quells anxiety like getting back to nature. The entire Syracuse area is filled with gorgeous scenery. You can walk around Lake Wawasee, explore the back roads, or head down the Spear Lake Nature Trail for even more adventure. If you love to be active, you can try water sports, go for a bike ride, or just hike at your own pace. Take a break from reality and let the sounds of nature soothe your soul.

Treat Yourself to a Staycation

You don’t have to book a plane ticket or spend days on the road just to enjoy a vacation. If you live in Indiana, you can have an amazing time without leaving the state. Plan a staycation and enjoy everything the local community has to offer, including delicious restaurants like The Pier Restaurant & Bar. Just clear your schedule and you can enjoy a fun-filled vacation without all the stress of travel.

Seek Out the Best in Live Entertainment

You’ll find a certain kind of homespun live entertainment in the state of Indiana. From local theater to country-themed live music, you can find something to see regardless of what you’re interested in. The Blue Gate Theatre is always putting on new and interesting works of theater, including musicals, sing-alongs, and dramatic plays. You’ll even find some Grammy-winning artists taking the stage, putting on a show you’ll never forget. Blue Gate also has a world-famous bakery, fine dining, and an Amish-themed gift shop, making it well worth the trip.

Notre Dame of South Bend, IN has also become a mecca of live entertainment. They’re always showing some of the newest and most critically-acclaimed plays and musicals. Their Shakespeare stage is one of the most famous in the country. Some shows even feature actors from the London Stage, so you know you’re going to get your money’s worth. The Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival also kicks off this July, so book your tickets now.

Get Out of the Office with a Corporate Retreat

Too much time at the office can drive anyone crazy. If you’re looking to relax this spring, getting out of the office might do you a world of good. If your boss will allow it, you can try working from home for a month while you explore all the wonders of Indiana. If you happen to be the boss of a company, this is a great time to schedule a corporate retreat. Everyone will love spending time outdoors now that it’s warming up. Scheduling a corporate retreat doesn’t mean you and your team won’t be productive. In addition to your normal workload, you can do all kinds of things at a corporate retreat that you can’t do in the office such as trust-building activities, destress techniques, and brainstorming sessions. A change of scenery may be exactly what your team needs to recharge their batteries and think with a new perspective.

If you’re looking for a place to host a corporate retreat in Indiana, why not do it on the water? Lake Wawasee is a stunning destination that will help you and your team relax and stay productive at the same time. We have plenty of conference rooms and meeting spaces at Oakwood Resort. You can take a boat tour, relax on the beach, or dine in style as you and your team work on all kinds of projects.

Go Horseback Riding

If you love animals and spending time in the outdoors, you can also try your hand at horseback riding. It’s a soothing activity that’s bound to lower your heart rate and anxiety. You’ll feel an instant connection to these gorgeous creatures as you explore some of the area’s best riding trails. If you’re new to horseback riding, there are plenty of training courses and friendly guides to walk you through the process. The hardest part is just getting onto the horse. Once you’re in place, just sit back and let the horse do all the walking. Lakeside Equestrian is one of the most well-known horseback riding schools in the area. Stop by for a quick lesson or a ride through the woods.

Try Antiquing

Love a bargain? Visit some of the state’s famous antique stores. Almost every town and city in the country has its fair share of antiques, but Indiana practically makes antiquing a sport. There are dozens of shops and outdoor markets for you to explore during your stay. With so much history weaving its way through Indiana, these stores are full of rare finds, country-themed knickknacks, and thoughtful pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Visit the Oakwood Resort website for the definitive list of antique shops near Lake Wawasee.

Play a Round of Golf

There are plenty of scenic golf courses throughout the state of Indiana. Head over to Lake Wawasee for some of the best places to tee off. South Shore Golf Club, Maxwelton Golf Club, and Wawasee Golf Club are all just a short drive away, giving you plenty of holes and courses to explore. If you go during the off-hours, you can find low rates of clubs and carts, helping you make the most of your time in Indiana. These clubs also offer lavish amenities including dining rooms, bars, and open patio seating, so you can easily spend the entire day at the links.

See How the Amish Live

Indiana is home to one of the country’s most famous Amish communities. You’ll find dozens of Amish bakeries, schools, churches and other local businesses throughout the Middlebury area. For centuries, these communities have found a way to honor their traditions without giving into the demands of modern society. If you’re curious about how these folks live, take a tour of the Amish Countryside during your stay in Indiana.

You can take a tour of Cathy’s Countryside, a 90-mile Heritage Trail that shows the diverse history of the Amish Countryside. You can also take a driving tour of the area. You’re bound to see plenty of horse-and-buggy’s driving through the area. Stop by Das Dutchman Essenhaus for some delicious authentic Amish cooking and some of the best baked goods you’ll ever eat. Seeing how the Amish live will help you escape the anxiety of the Digital Age, if only for a day or two.

See the Tin Caps in Action

If you love live sporting events and cheering on local teams, head over to Fort Wayne to see the TinCaps in action. This minor league team brings plenty of big-league thrills at Parkview Field, a gorgeous ballpark just outside of downtown Fort Wayne. The team competes in the Midwest League, duking it out against some of the best minor league teams in the area. Grab some traditional ballpark food during or before the game, including some delicious barbeque wings, pizza, popcorn and the park’s famous $1 hot dogs. It’s a great day out for the entire family. Head over to the official TinCaps website to see their full schedule for the season.

Now that it’s finally getting warm again, you can start enjoying the local community and exploring everything that’s great about Indiana. From a lavish day at the spa to jaw-dropping views of the lake, come down to Oakwood Resort on Lake Wawasee and experience the best of the season. You’ll feel less stressed before you know it. Book your stay with us today!