Planning any large event can be very overwhelming. There are many minute little details that need to get done. Still, it doesn’t matter if your event is large or small, regardless of the theme or purpose, the basics of planning a corporate event are pretty straightforward.


  1. Plan Your Budget: If you have figures from previous events, then you can base your budget on past records. If not, you’ll have to make sure you have reliable estimates for travel, catering, accommodations, audio/visual needs, and any other needs the attendees will have.
  2. Book the Location: Before you do anything, else it is important that you book the right type of corporate retreat locations. Whether you’re looking for a conference room rental for a small event or a large ballroom space, these locations are often booked months (if not years) in advance. The sooner you secure your space, the better your chances of a success.
  3. Build a Team: Planning corporate events is a big task so it is best to hire a team so you can delegate all the chores you’ll have to do.
  4. Review Past Events: You will have many resources, but none will be as important as evaluating past events to see what went wrong and what went well.
  5. Meet With Potential Speakers: If you’re planning on having guest speakers, this is a very important step. You want all the elements of your event to be in sync, so your speakers have to know what you expect and you need to know what they are willing to deliver.
  6. Invite Speakers: This should be done formally. Once you know exactly which speakers will fit in with your conference concept, make sure you officially secure the speakers for the event.
  7. Finalize the Agenda: This involves working out the timing of each event of the day. Make sure you factor in time for breaks, a meet and greet reception, and closing festivities. This will also include processing registration and finding accommodations for guests coming from out of town.
  8. Do a Walk Through: As the day of the event draws closer, it is important that you do a walk through to verify that everything is as expected.
  9. Get Your Team to Work: Now comes the physical labor. Your team must all arrive at the event early enough so that you have enough time to see that everything is set up according to your plans. You might even want to hire additional people to make sure everything is done.
  10. Reassess: Meet with your team while you are still on site to see what things went wrong and what can be fixed for the next event. Pass out a survey to all the workers so they can give you their input. All this information will be valuable as you move into planning your next corporate event.


Planning any type of corporate event can be time consuming and challenging. With so many details to remember, it might be best to plan your event at a place like The Oakwood Resort. One of the best retreat centers in Indiana, you’ll be able to put your mind at ease as you navigate the murky waters of hosting a business conference in the area, located 45 minutes from Fort Wayne.